2019 NFL Futures

New England Patriots 6/1

Kansas City Chiefs 8/1

Los Angeles Rams 8/1

New Orleans Saints 11/1

Cleveland Browns 15/1

Indianapolis Colts 16/1

Philadelphia Eagles 18/1

Chicago Bears 20/1

Green Bay Packers 22/1

Minnesota Vikings 22/1

Dallas Cowboys 25/1

San Francisco 49ers 30/1

Los Angeles Chargers 30/1

Atlanta Falcons 30/1

Pittsburgh Steelers 30/1

Jacksonville Jaguars 40/1

Baltimore Ravens 40/1

Seattle Seahawks 40/1

Houston Texans 40/1

Carolina Panthers 50/1

Denver Broncos 60/1

New York Jets 60/1

Tampa Bay Buccanneers 70/1

Tennessee Titans 70/1

Oakland Raiders 80/1

Detroit Lions 100/1

Buffalo Bills 125/1

Arizona Cardinals 125/1

New York Giants 125/1

Cincinnati Bengals 150/1

Washington Redskins 150/1

Miami Dolphins 250/1

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Super Bowl Favorites Part 1; The Steelers


In my opinion, before the draft goes final and barring any blockbuster trades AND/OR hold-outs, there's just eight teams I can justify placing a future bet on winning the Super Bowl ... right now. Keep in mind, these future odds are slated to vary after the draft has completed on 4/29. But there will not be any huge swings, good or bad, depending on draft grades. And even if the addition of a Kyler Murray to the Cardinals moves their odds from 125/1 to 100/1, would you really consider investing $100 on a rookie QB, first-year head coach and otherwise suspect roster. In fact, the best way to position a future bet for a team like Arizona would be an OVER/UNDER play on season win total, which is currently listed at 3. If that number changes to 3.5 or 4, because of Kyler Murray (which I don't see happening), I would drop $1000 on the OVER. I will have more information on season win totals soon. 

Back to the Super Bowl futures: As I previously mentioned, I have eight teams ready to win Super Bowl LIV; New England(7/1), New Orleans(9/1), Kansas City(7/1), LA Rams(9/1), Philadelphia(14/1), Indianapolis(16/1), Minnesota(22/1) and Pittsburgh(22/1). 

I bet you're already calling me names! I mean, how the hell could I include Pittsburgh in such a list, right?

I know, they lost Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell - and Roethlisberger is supposedly nearing the end (despite throwing for a career-high in yards and touchdowns in 2018, without Bell). But there's something about "cleaning house" that can redirect the focus of an already proud and stable organization. The behavioral patterns that aided in disruption in recent years seemed to come from the two guys they decided to part ways with, allegedly. However, damaging reports and rumors were also printed about Roethlisberger, with unnamed locker room sources, along with AB, blaming Big Ben for some of the issues with regards to leadership, or lack thereof . And in retrospect, it's not like Roethlisberger already had a squeaky clean reputation. But if those reports about Big Ben were true, why did they all just disappear after very little airplay? And why did GM Kevin Colbert quickly come to Ben's defense? I can certainly appreciate any cause for concern about his leadership, age, commitment to the grind and passion he has left. Yet, he produced the best season of his career in spite of the distractions. And lastly, if Roethlisberger is nearing the end - and if he's a poor leader and supposed locker-room cancer - why did Pittsburgh give him a two-year contract extension?

Most franchises would never contemplate moving on from talented players like Brown or Bell, and Pittsburgh said bye to both. There's something to be said for recognizing their place, owning up to the problematic tendencies they were facing and making two very hard decisions. I firmly believe, despite the state of the division with Cleveland on the rise and Baltimore looking to improve from a 2018 playoff run, Pittsburgh feels under the radar. Don't forget, the Steelers finished 2018 top-6 in both offensive yards and points scored, 6 in defensive yards allowed and 16 in points allowed. I think they're a sneaky damn good football team. And at 22/1, I can't think of a stronger value play. 

Super Bowl Favorites Part 2; The Vikings

Is Kirk Cousins the answer? And what was the difference from 2017 to 2018 ... where did it all go wrong?