Halsey's 2020 NFL Draft Wishes

I am excited to provide you with a rolling list of interesting, amusing and impactful storylines that I would love to see happen during the 2020 NFL Draft. Get ready for a roller-coaster ride. We are all so thirsty for some real sports content that a night full of 1st-round glitches will, for me, add to the uniqueness of this experience. And personally, I hope it's not just a cookie-cutter mock draft simulation. I want ridiculous, crazy and head-scratching. Without further ado, here's my list of 2020 draft thoughts and wishes;

--- How great would it be if the Bengals decided to pass on Joe Burrow? I know that's not going to happen. Burrow going 1st overall is a foregone conclusion. Cincinnati has already informed Burrow they will select him first. But, history is not on anyone's side here; (A) the list of quarterbacks selected #1 overall, and top-5, is historically shit [I'll address soon], (B) the Bengals offensive line ranked 30th according to after the 2019 regular season, (C) the Bengals, in a thirty year fist-fight as the 'Ohio Kings of Incompetence' with the Browns, are very good at losing, constructing bad rosters, cultivating craptastic cultures and firing coaches. Rookie head coaches with rookie quarterbacks is not a recipe for immediate success, and in the NFL the idea of patience doesn't exist, (D) the team needs assets and (E) why haven't they considered Jameis Winston or Cam Newton? At least with Winston or Newton you have a guy who ISN'T a rookie, right? 

Back to point (A); I like Joe Burrow. I will root for Joe Burrow. But history isn't on his side. And honestly, if we're removing ourselves from the magical 2019 LSU season - when all the stars aligned and the team was loaded with talent at every single position - it was still just one great year in college. His 2018 season wasn't comparable. Granted, Burrow took a giant leap forward in 2019 but are we sure one year of greatness in college makes a good NFL quarterback? 

#1 Overall QB's Since 2000

Kyler Murray (#1 in '19. ROY. Still undetermined)

Baker Mayfield (#1 in '18. Good rookie year, rough '19. If '20 goes south he could be in bust territory)

Jared Goff (#1 in '16. Like, don't love. His contract isn't worth what he actually is)

Jameis Winston (#1 in '15. Just threw 30INT in '19 and is currently unemployed)

Andrew Luck (#1 in '12. Retired)

Cam Newton (#1 in '11. Former MVP year is seen as a fluke. Currently unemployed)

Sam Bradford (#1 in '10. Mr. Glass. Stole more money than DB Cooper. Just a big ouch)

Matt Stafford (#1 in '09. 1 Pro Bowl. No playoff wins)

JaMarcus Russell (#1 in '07. LoL)

Alex Smith (#1 in '05. 94-66-1 as starter. 2-5 in playoffs. Thanks, Kyle Williams)

Eli Manning #1 n '04. Two Super Bowl wins. Two SB wins over Tom Brady and Patriots. Will be in H.o.F.)

Carson Palmer (#1 in '03. Kimo von Oelhoffen ruined a promising thing when he ended Palmer's '05/06 playoff run. Good career, just never was the same)

David Carr (#1 in 2002. Sacked a 76 times his rookie year. 0 playoff appearances)

Michael Vick (#1 in 2001. Electric. Changed how Madden was played. Went to prison for killing dogs)

The aforementioned list presents just two Super Bowl wins, four SB appearances, one MVP, three ROY winners, an all-time bust, jail-time, a slue of injuries and the loss of a lot of GM jobs. 

I want Joe Burrow to succeed. But for him to be successful, just like any QB, it's all about where they land. And generally, they're not getting drafted by a stable organization, hence the reason for the first pick. I firmly believe the Bengals could deal their top pick, load up some assets and start rebuilding the right way. 

--- I hope Bill Belichick finds a way to fleece the entire draft by trading up for Tua. It's not out of the realm of possibility. Highly unlikely but plausible. Belichick could easily call the Lions for the 3rd overall and formulate a huge trade. Detroit, just like Cincinnati, is in need of countless assets. Belichick is close with Alabama's Nick Saban. They talk regularly. Belichick already knows more about Tua than the other 31 scouts, coaches and GM's combined. The pitch to Matt Patricia and the Lions would be 5 or 6 of their twelve 2020 draft picks for that one coveted spot at #3. I think the Lions would listen. How could Detroit turned down a haul like that? Oh, because they're Detroit. 

--- If Tristan Wirfs goes to San Francisco at #13, as some mock drafts are predicting, the rich get richer. The Niners dominated the league on the ground finishing #2 in both run yards and attempts and #1 in rushing touchdowns. A guy like Wirfs would immediately improve an already stout front-5. 

--- Chase Young is the SUREST prospect of the entire draft. However, if I were Washington I'd copy Arizona and draft another QB to immediately replace Haskins. It seems like a hot take but it's really not. Haskins sucks. Will Chase Young single-handedly give Washington "X" more amount of wins? Young will be a great NFL player for ten years but Haskins, with every throw he attempts, is an automatic liability. The Redskins will still be a 4-6 win team with Haskins, if lucky. 

--- Just for laughs, how great would it be if Cleveland drafted another wide-receiver at the #10 pick? I expect Jerry Jeudy (ALA) will be taken right before Cleveland to the Jaguars at #9 but what if he isn't? It's like that last lonely slice of cake at the office Christmas party and Cleveland is the fat guy who can't stop eyeing it. Hell, even if Jeudy is not available, Ceedee Lamb and Henry Ruggs III will be. God this could be awesome. Instead of doing the smart thing and filling actual needs, imagine if Cleveland just said screw it; "We don't need offensive line help, we don't need to protect Baker, we just want to sell tickets and maintain a first-class seat on the hype train." Please, bring Jim Dorsey and Freddie Kitchens back for just one night. C'mon Cleveland, do the right thing and draft a WR. In fct, trade up a few picks for Jeudy. Make me happy, damnit!

--- I've been up-and-down on Justin Herbert during his entire four year career at Oregon. I've watched a lot of late-night Pac-12 games, especially Oregon. And my final thesis, I don't like Herbert as a franchise QB. He goes off for 4-5TD games against the likes of Montana/Nevada/Bowling Green State/Portland State. But he struggles against Michigan State in the 2018-19 Redbox Bowl. Struggled against Wisconsin in the 2019-20 Rose Bowl. Oregon won those games but Herbert didn't exactly crush it, and these are his two most recent bowl games. I just don't get it. Everyone seems to like the fact that he's 6'6, has a cannon arm and looks the part. Not IF but WHEN he gets drafted in the top-10 it will be a mistake. Burrow and Tua are clearly better ... that's not the argument. But I think Jordan Love is a better prospect. The current comp for Love, which might come across as crazy, is Mahomes. Hmmmmm... CBS Sports mock draft has Love going to New England. Belichick knows how good Mahomes is. It's not crazy. Ultimately, the Patriots ARE drafting a QB. Can't wait.